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FOLLOWME User Agreement

I, the Community Basic Code

FOLLOWME increases the return on investment in the trading market by immediately following the trading model and increasing the proportion of profitable investors. The FOLLOWME community is guided by an investment strategy and shares investment strategies and investment knowledge. Therefore, FOLLOWME has developed a set of community basic rules, please let us know.

Community information is only intended to provide reference information for investment, so that investment users can learn, share and interact with each other, and does not constitute any investment advice and recommendations. Investment depends entirely on your individual independence. Thinking and making decisions, FOLLOWME does not assume any responsibility for the profit loss of the investment.

1. The community is a platform for traders and investors to communicate, so that investors can follow the traders who choose to trust by communicating.
2. Community information may provide information for FOLLOWME partners, financial institutions and users. FOLLOWME does not guarantee the reliability and authenticity of the information. Therefore, the information publisher is only responsible for the legality of the content posted, and will not Any liability for the loss of profits arising from the investment in this operation.

II, community speech content specification

The FOLLOWME community mainly shares investment information, investment strategies, research and analysis of financial information, and hopes that community users will actively speak and share, and participate in discussions on relevant content.

III, community microblogging management

In order to maintain the legitimate rights and interests of the FOLLOWME users, provide a healthy and civilized community environment, and create a harmonious social atmosphere, according to the "National People's Congress Standing Committee on the decision to maintain Internet security", "Internet Information Services The current laws and regulations such as the Administrative Measures and the Regulations on the Management of Internet User Account Names, FOLLOWME clearly defines various violations of the community and the corresponding penalties.

1. Use uncivilized and unhealthy terms (insults, discrimination, defamatory words, etc.) for personal attacks, geographical attacks, ethnic discrimination, etc., and then limit the display or deletion, and warn the users who publish the content according to the severity of the plot. Forbidden or disable account processing.
2. Release information that violates current laws and regulations, endangers users and FOLLOWME's security and legal rights, and stops displaying or deleting it once it is discovered. It also warns, bans, or disables account processing for users who post this information depending on the severity of the situation.
3. Distribute spam to disrupt the network environment, such as repeatedly posting comments that are not related to the topic, spam, etc., causing interference to other users and being complained, and warning, banned, or deactivated account processing depending on the severity of the situation.
4. Randomly send advertising information, such as sales advertisements, consulting advertisements, stock websites, etc., once found, delete immediately, banned or disabled account processing.
5. Indiscriminately publishing information such as obscenity, pornography, violence, superstition and crime, and found it to be cleared, and banned the user of the information release according to the seriousness of the circumstances, or disable account processing.
6. Infringement of the lawful rights and interests of others (honorary rights, portrait rights, intellectual property rights, etc.), as well as the dissemination of documents and information that jeopardize third party rights, such as virus codes, hacking procedures, etc., and are complained, the user will be banned once found Words, deactivate account processing.
7. User avatars, nicknames, and personal profiles involve sensitive political affairs, reactionary, etc., and are subject to change within a time limit; if they are not changed within the time limit, they will be banned or account disabled according to the seriousness of the circumstances.
8. User account avatars, nicknames, profiles and statements infringe on the legitimate rights and interests of others (including natural and legal persons), such as the right to reputation, portrait rights, privacy, intellectual property rights, trade secrets, etc., and are reported by the parties, depending on the severity of the case. Restrict display, deletion, warning, ban, or disable account processing.
9. Repeatedly post the same comment content, and immediately delete it, and ban the user who posted the content and disable the account processing according to the severity of the plot.
10. Release QQ number, QQ group, WeChat public number, WeChat group number, WeChat QR code, and third-party event information, promotion information, sales information and other marketing information without the permission of FOLLOWME. Once found, the user will be banned. Words, deactivate account processing.

This Code shall be implemented as of the date of its amendment. Warn, ban, and disable account processing for accounts that violate the FOLLOWME community rules. The ban is the main punishment mechanism of the FOLLOWME community. Users who are banned cannot comment, forward, praise, and modify personal information. They can only browse the web and return to normal after the ban. The ban on punishment can be divided into 1 day for banned speech, 7 days for banned speech, 15 days for banned speech, or permanent forbidden speech.

If you have any questions or objections to the FOLLOWME community penalization mechanism, you can send an email to FOLLOWME's small secretary cs@FOLLOWME.com to appeal.

IV, credibility of speech

FOLLOWME community users have a say and only represent their personal position, and the investment needs to make judgments and decisions based on your own independent thinking. In the FOLLOWME community, the official account set by FOLLOWME's comments on FOLLOWME's own products and technology-related issues represents the official position of FOLLOWME.

V, Copyright Notice

If it is for non-commercial, non-profit, non-advertising purposes, any attempt to reprint the contents of the FOLLOWME website community and refer to other places must indicate the original source of the content. In the case of infringement, the copyright party may file a complaint with FOLLOWME and provide relevant information to prove the copyright. FOLLOWME will process it after verification.